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textiles finishes


Unique and innovative treatment through sustainable processes

The Fluffy Touch treatment gives the mesh a warm touch of softness, providing great comfort.

A unique treatment that combines a sustainable process of dyeing with innovation in the finish, generate a product of high quality.

A comfortable feeling of warmth found in the fabrics subjected to the Fluffy Touch treatment is given through a uniform lifting process of the mesh, an teddy effect which provides a touch of instant pleasure.

This effect is more suitable for cotton fiber

The tenderness of comfort!

Technical features :

 Touch of elegance, soft, smooth and flexible

 Touch of elegance, soft, smooth and flexible

 Improve the circulatory system

 Provides a calming effect on sunburn

 Protects against insect bites

 Contains freshness to the skin

 Anti-static effect

 Applicable to any fiber type: natural, synthetic and blends