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Tranquility, purity and protection - nature in our clothing

Nature constantly take us to a unique sense of purity and happiness and it is in rural areas, forests or in areas with plenty of water that we find a lot of negative ions in the air.

Negative ions exist in nature and are connected to a sense of balance and well-being of body and mind.

In closed environments and with many electrical equipment we find a higher concentration of positive ions which can lead to an increase of the fatigue and the level of stress.

The P + Emotions was thought to fight these moments of greater tension and fatigue and in some way introduce the beneficial powers of nature.

The P + Emotions treatment is made from natural ceramics that are used to produce negative ions through the physical stimulation of the fiber generating "minus ion".

Technical features :

 Improves well-being

 Decreases fatigue

 Reduces the harmful effects of stress

 Provides a rejuvenating action

 Performance for more than 20 washes

 Applicable to any fiber type: natural, synthetic or blends