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The innovative response in high body temperature conditions

Comfort and freshness are some of the sensations that the Cooler treatment gives to the clothing.

Cooler gives the fabric a characteristic that causes an endothermic reaction. When the heat generated by the body comes into contact with the fabric, a cooling effect is generated which calms and stabilizes the body temperature.

In warmer environments or even during intense physical activity, the sensation of loss of breath and discomfort caused by the increase in body temperature is an obstacle to well-being, a condition that can already be improved by this treatment because it gives the knit an instantaneous cooling touch.

The Cooler treatment is ideal for sports articles, work clothes, underwear, etc.

Technical features :

  Instant cooling effect

 Soft touch without stiffness

 Feeling of comfort and freshness

 Perfect breathability

 Wash resistant

 Durability up to at least 20 washes

 Applicable to any fiber type: natural, synthetic or blends