When “I” is replaced by “WE”

“It always seems Impossible Until it’s done”

Nelson Mandela

Redkey was created by someone exactly like you,
Vitor Ferreira started his fashion journey 6 years ago in Braga, Portugal
where he live up to this date. 
   After trying to start his brand with a lot of challenges and difficulties, he failed many times.
But from the failure he learned more as the time passed by, one day he had a great idea!  
Create a company that could help people solve the same problems he had
and make their dream come true. 
   Our main goal is to support everyone, even if you are lost, don't even know how to start or
can't find any company that can supply your needs.
We are not only manufacturers, we are the solution
   That is a small part of our history, it is far from ending and you can be part of it.


Expertise in fashion startup’s projects


Ties & Scarfs


Located in Portugal, a country with strong roots in textile world, and known for its excellence in production quality

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